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“The evil theft of our money by the governments ruling over us in order to pay for their holidays to Valencia or some other shit, hot place!” – – Johnny McDouchenozzle (a rich faggot who exploits thousands of minimum wage employees and doesn’t want to give any money back to those less fortunate than him)

I like tax. I think at least 50 percent tax is fair (whoah, too much, right? NO!). It’s simple, half of your money goes towards schools (the most important buildings on Earth), hospitals (equally the most important buildings on Earth), roads, highways, housing estates etc.

Now, right now, 50% tax isn’t possible, at least where I live here in Australia, nor the USA, the UK, and most Western democratic countries, far too much would have to change in political culture in those countries for any type of near-socialist economic policy to be enacted. Scandinavian countries’ citizens pay a high amount of tax, not quite 50 percent, but those countries, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and some others (one other, FINLAND, that’s the one) consistently rank top in the world’s ‘happiness’ scale. They have free medical care, free education, even though they manage to give away a LOT of their income each year.

I’m a bit of a pathetic armchair socialist, nah, fuck that, COMMUNIST! An ‘economic communist’ I am, if such a thing is real. I think that wealth should be spread around as equally as is possible…………..

……….a quick thought experiment…………….now…………below……………..here, down there,

“All the citizens of the world, have as much money in their bank accounts/personal possession as they do today, but, tomorrow, any person with less than 10,000 dollars gets 1 million dollars injected into their account/possession, and any person with more than 1 million dollars, gets one-tenth of their wealth taken away, and vanished into thin air. What do you expect would happen in the wake of this worldwide experiment?” Would things carry on mostly as normal, or would chaos reign for a thousand years? I’m not sure, but I tend to think that things wouldn’t change all that much. But one thing’s for sure, the uber-rich people who’ve had a tiny fraction of their wealth taken away would rant and rave for a LONG time, oh boy, they’d be upset.

I earn………..jack shit! About 15,000 dollars a year, not much at all. And you may be screaming at the screen right now, “You gotta work harder MAN. I worked hard and I’m doing fine!” First of all, stop screaming, and second of all, you are espousing a classic case of the ‘self-attribution fallacy’. You’ve forever thought that all the money you have now is ONLY because of your own hard work – – that is almost certainly untrue, there are so many factors involved, you alone cannot possibly be the sole cause of your wealth. And yes, I am a bitter, poor person, just to be clear.

Signing off.



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