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MEAT! (Eating It……Discussion)


I don’t know what to think.

I’m not a vegetarian or a vegan or anything like that, although I admire those peoples’ commitment.

I actually think that it isn’t morally ethical to eat any animals that can feel pain (which may even include fish and other ‘lower’ forms of creature).

But, I do eat meat. Not very much, but I do. There’s nothing, NOTHING better than eating a hearty, hot beef stew in the middle of winter, there’s just not.

Here’s the facts though – – I don’t like pork, never eat it. I like fish, mostly salmon or shark. I eat chicken, only the breast, it’s the only part I like. I like steak and cow in general very much, but I hate, HATE the fat – I will pull ALL of the fat off of any piece of meat I intend to eat. I’ve had kangaroo meat a few times, it tasted great, but it upset me somewhat to think that I was actually eating the flesh of Australia’s national animal icon, this soured the enjoyment quite a bit, I probably wouldn’t eat it again. I’ve never had veal or anything exotic like Elk or Moose meat, so I can’t talk on that. As for Lobster…………..I’ve had it once and I disliked it very much, it was too chewy and sticky and just tasted of salty water. Oysters are for arseholes, some snot in a small rock? No thanks.

Are any of you vegetarians? Should I become one? I’ve watched a documentary called ‘Earthlings’ which made me almost faint, watching the animal cruelty and needless death that goes on in even the most advanced Western countries. I don’t particularly enjoy meat in the same way that avid meat-eaters do. I only eat meat if it’s been cooked in a very specific way, this means that I tend to only eat meat that I’ve bought myself. So giving up meat could, in theory, be very easy for me, I suppose.

The thing is though, I LOVE lentils, chickpeas, any type of beans really, all types of nuts, wholegrain pastas, breads, rice etc. All those staples of the vegetarians’ diet are things I fucking eat the shit out of!

So, should I really acknowledge the signs the universe is sending me (turn of phrase) and just quit the meat already?




8 thoughts on “MEAT! (Eating It……Discussion)

  1. Eh…I’m a vegetarian. I’ve been one since I saw a chicken and a goat being slaughtered before my eyes when I was five. It’s not too bad, though I can’t really say what food tastes better. I just like having a clear conscience. 🙂

    Posted by humorworks | April 27, 2015, 5:15 pm
  2. I’m not much of a meat eater myself, I prefer chicken and fish but I’ve got too many restrictions on food already, I won’t be turning vegetarian any time soon. :/ Even if the sight of meat sometimes makes me queasy.

    Posted by miusho | April 27, 2015, 5:29 pm
  3. If you don’t think it’s ethical to eat meat then go vegan. ☺

    Posted by Vegan Ahead | April 29, 2015, 1:04 am

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