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Genie the ‘Wild Child’


This is a story you may have heard about. ‘Genie’ was 13 years old when social services found her. They found her locked in total isolation, she was isolated for 10 years at least. Chained to a potty-chair, no one ever spoke to her, food and water was slid under the door each day for her to eat.

Not surprisingly, she never learned how to speak. In fact, she barely made any noises at all. When linguists took care of her in 1971 in UCLA in America, they thought it would be ideal to try to teach her how to talk.

She learned hundreds of words. But never learned how to form proper sentences. There is a popular theory, the theory says that beyond a certain point in life (early years, 3 to 4 years old) if a child doesn’t learn how to form sentences properly, then they’ll NEVER be able to learn how to it. Beautiful little Genie with the most captivating demeanor, would seem to prove this theory as correct. However, there are many psychologists and linguists believe that Genie was born with the mental retardation that would mean she’d never learn how to speak anyway. Although, having seen quite a bit of footage of her, she has wide eyes, an intensely inquisitive nature and a willingness AND ability to learn brand new things, like interacting with different people – – things that would seem not to be signals of mental retardation. Hhmmm.?

Genie was incredibly captivating to all who met her. There was even a time when she and one of her foster parents were walking outside of a shop. A man and his small boy were walking out of the shop, and the boy had a toy firetruck. The little boy saw Genie walking past, stopped in his tracks, and gave the toy firetruck to Genie without a word spoken, she never asked for it, the boy just felt compelled to give it to her. Strange huh?

I don’t know what to think about her case. Her story and life is undoubtedly tragic and horrific, but I can’t help but think more could have been done to help her, especially nowadays.

Noam Chomsky, famed hero of Leftist douchebags, has postulated that language is inbuilt in humans, and if it isn’t learned within the first few years of life, then it cannot be learned at all.

Again, I’m not sure about this, what do you think?




3 thoughts on “Genie the ‘Wild Child’

  1. I’m not sure about having to be this or that old for it.. I think interaction and daily use can learn you a lot. If she hadn’t been “isolated” maybe learning to speak would have been easier?

    Posted by miusho | April 21, 2015, 6:36 pm

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