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Jack ‘Motherfuckin” Grealish!


This kid. This skinny 19 year-old boy, has just had the game of his life!

The game in question ended just 20 minutes ago. It was the FA Cup semi-final. Liverpool vs Aston Villa.

Grealish, Aston Villa’s attacking midfielder, set up both goals in Villa’s 2-1 win over Liverpool.

Jinky, tricky, quick, aggressive, young, full of fight and stamina, passes of sublime quality and the first touch of a world class player like Messi or Ronaldo.

This kid is going places, unfortunately for Villa fans, I think he’s going places beyond Aston Villa – Birmingham’s most successful and storied club.

He plays with his socks rolled right down and without shin-pads, what a brave kid, considering he was up against the mean, tough, shin-kicking defence of Liverpool.

Anyway, well done Jack, and just one more thing…………I…….uhm………think you’re just the most adorable thing. I’m not gay, but you’re a very pleasant looking young man, just saying.

Onwards and upwards, both for you, and Aston Villa, a club I’m not a supporter of, but a club for which I have a big soft spot. I hope Tim Sherwood builds a team around you and can eventually compete for big, big trophies. Villa have won 2 European Cups, remember?



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