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iPhone, YouPhone, We all Scream For Phone Cream.

A congregation of dolts!

A congregation of dolts!

Studies in Japan and South Korea have recently been carried out on avid users of mobile phones (cell phones, smart phones etc). What they found was quite shocking…….

The joints in the fingers and wrists are deteriorated far more than is usual for the people surveyed/tested.

The peoples’ necks are on the whole, a lot sorer and cricked than others in their age groups.

Apparently there is such a thing as ‘smart-phone addiction’, maybe you know a few people with it?

Are smart-phones ‘ruining’ social situations and such things? Maybe, in fact, I think, they ruin many social scenarios. When you’re talking to someone face-to-face and they look down at their phone as if you’re not even there. I wish that’d go away, but it almost certainly won’t. It will only go away when mobile phones are implanted directly into our brains, rather than held in our hands. They could be just as rude as they are now, by looking at their phone mid-conversation, but you’ll never know, because they won’t look down and break eye-contact with you.

But are they making us dumber as a global population? In a certain way, they possibly are. Think of the time before mobile phones, in those days, you actually had to memorize people’s numbers and addresses and so on. Now we don’t remember people’s numbers, because they’re all just in our phones.

In a way, it’s not the actual phones that are detrimental to society, rather, it’s the instant access to the internet. The internet, the greatest invention ever, is now literally in our pockets, in our hands, any time we want it!

Let’s put it this way – – I don’t own a smart-phone, I have a very cheap (10 dollars every 3 months) old Nokia. It has no camera, no internet access, it just calls, does texts and receives texts and calls. Now, because I have this particular phone, I NEVER stop mid-conversation so I can check what ‘Jenny Louise’ has to say about my post on FaceBook etc. I have no reason to look at my phone unless I get a call or get a text message. This behaviour of mine, that of not looking at my phone every 30 seconds, is the rarest thing I see nowadays. Every friend I have (relatively very few, to be fair) checks their phone every 30 seconds, I don’t like it, but I never say anything, because that would feel to me a bit like an invasion of their privacy, in an odd way.

I do not believe that smart-phones are making us dumber as a people, but they have indeed been the spur behind a MASS-BEHAVIOURAL change in our societies – – behaviour that, 15 years ago, would have been unutterably rude, is now completely standard. You can see this behaviour in action literally any time of the day, practically anywhere in the world.

I wish this type of mass-movement of behavioural change could be applied to something greater in purpose, if a device came out which made people in vast numbers all over the world give money to cancer research, that would be nice………….oh, we can only dream, can’t we?

*incoming Twitter notification of no value whatsoever*……I have to go now, folks.

Bye. 😉



6 thoughts on “iPhone, YouPhone, We all Scream For Phone Cream.

  1. I too have a go-phone, no capabilities at all except for texting and calling and I quite like that. I find it disturbing that nobody looks up anymore when they walk, they are all looking at their phones. Life is just passing them by, or they are passing life by, with their heads down, glued to their phones.

    Posted by SD Gates | April 2, 2015, 2:50 am

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