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Home Alone! (poem) (scary)

Parents away, you’d think a cause for Hooray!

That’s not the case;empty, alone in this barren place.

Come night, the television is on, because the computer couldn’t make it through the day.


Computer was making scary noises,

sounds of imminent meltdown…whirring, scratching.

To fix it, or to buy a new? First world electronic choices.

Ah, the cat enters the room, purring, scratching.


Did HE wreck my computer? With his eyes wide and claws malicious?


Of course not, this lonely house is distorting my brain.

The cat didn’t touch the computer, too busy licking coffee stains.

At least I’m not totally alone in here,

the cat’s with me, strange comfort, licking his rear!


Dark, cold, this night has become,

In a spasm of boredom, I turn on the computer.

IT”S WORKING, but the noises persist more truer.

Oh, what the Hell?! I’ll keep on using it till it goes BOOM!


On my third cup of tea, black, not green, two sugars, not three!

It’s early in the morning, 1,2, or possibly 3, I’m not quite sure, all the clocks look blurry.

While taking a careful sip, it suddenly hits me!

….I have no cat. What’s it doing here? Who is he or she?


I look at the cat with skepticism and justified fear.

The cat looks back with nobility and grandeur.

“Why are you here in my house, Sir?”

The cat says with a voice demonic and stirring.


“I live in this place, what are YOU doing here?”

I manage to squeal out.

“There are facts you must face, facts you won’t believe”

“First of all, you’re dead, of that there can be no doubt.”


This mangy cat is telling me I’m dead!?

I’ll show him, I attempt to attack his little head.

He knocks me back across the room, with a casual swipe of his paw.

This cat has powers, beyond normal cats, he looks on nonplussed, scratching and yawning.


“You’re dead, I’m here to ease your transition to the other place.”

“I’m NOT DEAD” I scream at this magic cat with the demon’s face!

“The sooner you accept your death, the sooner I can escort you downstairs.”


The cat motions towards the basement door,

A blood red door, adorned with carvings of wolves and bears!


I call the cat’s bluff, and accept to enter through the door,

I step down onto no such step, and endless abyss has replaced the floor.

I fall for eternity, maybe I really am dead!

All I can hope is for it to be a dream,

I wait forever to wake up at home, my real home, in bed!


2 thoughts on “Home Alone! (poem) (scary)

  1. Ha – that’s great. Never expected it to end like it did!!

    Posted by SD Gates | March 28, 2015, 9:31 pm

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