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PODCASTS – The New Way Forward for the Medium of Comedy?

This post is a ruff (he barked like a dog) draft for a comedy magazine I write articles for very, very occassionally. My last accepted article was published some time mid to late last year, can’t remember to be honest.

Anyway, the magazine is, at least for now, totally online. If you’re interested in giving it a look, the site is this =


It’s a very polished, clean looking site, our editor has worked tirelessly while also half asleep, which is quite the task, to get the site more followers and writers. Like the site on Facebook too, this is apparently very important with the whole process of gaining a fanbase, cheers! 😉

This post was going to be about comedy podcasts. What are they? Are they good? I can think of very few pure comedy podcasts, obviously, The Ricky Gervais Podcast is one, and it has its moments of genuine funniness. Apart from that one, the rest of the ‘comedy podcasts’ out there, or at least the ones that are largely called ‘comedy’ or fall into the category of ‘comedy’ on various websites, are actually not comedy, they are interview/rant podcasts BY comedians. Comedians will interview each other, which is fine, and some funny things are said quite often as you’d expect – OR, comedians will sit in their garage/radio studio, and just talk to their audience online. They’ll talk about the current events going on in the world, general views they have, angry rants on things they don’t like and so on and so forth. Bill Burr’s Podcast is probably the best one of this type out there on the interwebs, mainly because Bostonian Bill Burr is very, very funny.

Pure comedy in the realm of television still exists, and it exists in abundance! Literally (or should I say, numerically) there are hundreds of different ‘pure’ comedy shows on the television. What I mean by ‘pure’ comedy, is, comedy shows that are written, rehearsed, gone over, then recorded, and put out on TV. Even the Ricky Gervais Podcast (as close to a pure comedy podcast I can think of) wasn’t really written or rehearsed, so much as it was an series of improvisations on some loosely agreed upon subjects.

But, having said all that stuff I did above, could you imagine the stupefying horror of a ‘The Big Bang Theory’ podcast? Good heavens above, that would be truly and most genuinely the definition of ‘non-listenable shite’!

Podcasts are becoming more and more popular, and apparently they’re paving the way for the death of good, old-fashioned radio and television. Maybe they will become the vastly dominant medium of entertainment some time in the future, but for now, podcasts are, at least within my circle of friends and peers, quite a niche thing that they don’t give much attention, if any. These people are comedy fans, mind you….and podcasts simply aren’t on their radar when they think, “I’m in the for some comedy”.

Was this a good rough draft? I think so……………………….

……………………………………bye *waves*



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