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World War Three

Putin is aggressive,

ISIS is relentless.

The US is trying to think what they’ll do next.

NATO and the EU, no need for pretext.


The coming years will be very decisive,

Putin must be held back,

and we MUST take out that ISIS.

Think not of the repercussions and flak.


Nuclear weapons, big doom tubes.

Might be raining from the skies soon.

This is the worst thing that can happen,

Conventional warfare, the lesser of two evils, seems more attractive.


It will break out one of these days,

it may have already begun,

We, on the side of freedom,

have to win this thing, or the Earth’ll froth ablaze!


If conscription is brought back,

I don’t think I’d protest.

I would be called up,

then quickly shot in the neck!


Pacifists are aplenty, they have some good arguments,

but theirs is a position of suicide, masochism too.

It’s up to us to stand up and fight these threats before things get A LOT worse,

If we don’t, ISIS and other crazies will bring this world of ours into fire and death and wailing dirges!


Make love, not war. But also make war if you have to.


4 thoughts on “World War Three

  1. I did liked that line : “Pacifist are plenty, they have some good arguments( and they do), but theirs is a position of suicide….” Specially in the world you described earlier, and yes you might be called up and shot in the neck. I just hope I´m not near you just in case the bullet passes through you and hits me.

    Since I do have some experience with that shit, I´ll say this. In every generations ordinary people will be called to do extraordinary things. Such a fucking idealistic cliché of a saying, but it does has some truth to it.

    Posted by charlypriest | March 11, 2015, 4:59 pm
    • I’m quite skinny, so that bullet might just graze my neck and fling off somewhere else! lol
      But yeah, I was reading up on the Rats of Tobruk during WW2. Some thousand Australian soldiers living in underground tunnels they made, just pillaging and occassionally fighting a huge German force.
      Erwin Rommel apparently said to Hitler, “Give me a battalion of Australians, and I’ll win this war in a few months!”
      Ordinary people doing extraordinary things is a true saying, for sure. It’s just a little bit hard to grasp when we’re fighting in wars that aren’t clear-cut good vs evil conflicts, like WW2 was.

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | March 11, 2015, 5:16 pm
      • Since I´ve become a bit of a history buff now that I watch the History Channel I know the story about the Australian troops that had to deffending if I´m not mistaken some strategic outpost, they where on the defense taking all that was thrown at them by the Germans. You do find that people can and will endure and do some quite extraordinary things when put in those situations. If well trained they are that is.

        About the clear cut good vs evil, I see it right now. Extreme muslim terrorist and the West, we are the good guys they are the bad guys. Plus trust me that if you´re in a war zone the last thing your thinking is of political sociological things, your there to stay alive and help your guys stay alive. And that will to stay alive and fight for each other is what normally tends to win battles. The will.

        Posted by charlypriest | March 11, 2015, 5:24 pm
      • Yeah, ISIS is pure evil. But we’re not actually in a full-out war with them. If we were, then that’d be WW3 for sure, because they really do want to take over the world, and they say they do quite a lot.
        I guess the Australian troops had a bit of an advantage over the Germans, seeing as Australians were totally used to that hot, desert weather. haha
        But yeah, I’m watching some stuff about the British Commandos and the raids they carried out…..crazy bastards! lol

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | March 11, 2015, 5:39 pm

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