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Well, This Is Fucked Up! (Islam Rant)

An 8 year old Yemeni girl has died. Died at the hands of her 40 year old ‘husband’ on their wedding night. Now, this type of marriage is abhorrent and just plain wrong, I don’t care if it’s a core belief in Islam. We don’t have to respect your beliefs, especially if they’re fucked up.

A man has said, in public, ‘Not being able to marry young girls is very un-Islamic’, or words to that effect. Dear Sir, go fuck yourself. I hope you contract Ebola and spread it to everyone who thinks the way you do.

Islam (the actual religion itself, as well as followers of it), I think, has very nearly, if not already, reached a tipping point. From terror attacks to grotesque violations of human right, especially against women. Enough is enough. I’m not one of those people who says, “Man, we gotta nuke the whole Middle East”. Not only would that solve nothing in the long term, but Islam doesn’t equal Middle East. It’s not confined just to the Middle East, it’s a huge worldwide cult nowadays.

Here’s what must happen………….

VAST reforms must happen. Vast, sweeping reforms. New laws, new codes of conduct within Islam MUST be enacted, it must be watered down into a wishy-washy modern Catholicism or something very similar.

I know what everyone says. They say, the vast majority of Muslims are nice, perfectly well-behaved people. That is certainly true, yes. But the religion itself, and the moderate followers of it, give cover (unwittingly) under which the extremists can operate with indifference. Moderate Muslims believe that faith (beliefs without evidence) is the strongest force in the world. They don’t question their holy book, and by acting ‘moderately’ as they do, they provide a construct. A construct which allows the most extreme behaviours to be carried out in the name of faith.

Something must change. I’m genuinely disturbed and frightened by the current state of affairs in this area.




2 thoughts on “Well, This Is Fucked Up! (Islam Rant)

  1. Happy Easter and thanks for checking out my blog.

    Posted by gh0stpupp3t | April 5, 2015, 12:48 pm

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