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Pub Quiz Review

We lost.

We came second to last.

I just don’t know what happened!

We had the biggest team, arguably we were the smartest team.

Three of our team members (two middle aged women and a 17 year old girl – drinking illegally, lulz!) were quite drunk on red wine though………..so………..you know……..(they really did bring a vat of wine to our table, that can’t be good, but it’s Australia, so whaddya gonna do!?)

Every question on science and nature was answered perfectly by mostly me and one other member.

But, it turns out, I know NOTHING about music. I also know very little about Australian History, which is a bit depressing, seeing as I was born here and have lived here my whole life!

On the music questions though, luckily one of our cleverest team members used his phone (very much against the rules) to get up the App called ‘Shazam’, which can name songs that it hears. A song would play, we’d have to answer with the band or group that sang the song, and ‘Shazam’ would come up with the answer much faster than our feeble minds could!

Even though we cheated with alarming ease and bravado, we still lost!

I will win this damn quiz next week, because I need that 40 dollar prize……..I also need the respect AND fear of our competitors!



2 thoughts on “Pub Quiz Review

  1. I know about Australian history…..you have a lot of kangaroos. See? If you would have called me up to join your team we would have won.

    Posted by charlypriest | March 11, 2015, 9:42 am

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