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Tangari Regional Park

Oh land of my youth,

golf ball hitting, and heavy liquor drinking,

A place of such natural beauty, I wish I could introduce you.


The day my friend Jared nearly died, from a golf ball to the temple,

to the characters we’d invent, the stories we’d tell.

Situated right next to a golf course, golf balls and stuff were littered around,

walking home from school each day, we’d strut that ground.


Not far from our school, its green trees and wild kangaroos were really cool.

Kangaroos aren’t dangerous, as a lot of people’ll tell you.

They mind their own business, even with drunken teens roaming their land!


I still drive by that park on a quite regular basis,

it doesn’t seem as green as it was ten years ago,

it looks grey and brown and barren and unused,

I hope kids still play in that park, natural beauty and pleasure to be abused.


Well, maybe not ‘abused’, enjoyed, treasured perhaps,

its an Aboriginal honoured land, and I love that it still remains so,

I don’t know what they’d think of our drunken, drugged-up ‘fun’ times there though.

The only thing I’d have changed? The weather, I wish it’d snowed.


Snow very rarely happens in Australia,

I envy all countries that get coated in white,

I thought I saw snow once, but I was wrong,

It was just a cargo plane explosion, filled with Sprite.


The Sprite had crystallized in the atmosphere,

We in Tangari looked up into the sky,

We stuck our tongues out to receive snow-taste.

But all we got was cold Lemonade flakes!




4 thoughts on “Tangari Regional Park

  1. Nice post.. come to Italy we have plenty of snow in the winter.

    Your golf ball to the head reminded me of the night a drunken friend was bet £50.00 that he couldn’t fit a number 9 pool ball in his mouth.

    He won the bet, the pool ball slid gently behind his teeth. Unfortunately he couldn’t get his fingers behind the ball to remove it (he was a little drunk at the time) Two nurses at the casualty department kindly dislocated his jaw and removed the pool ball so that we could finish our game.

    All the best

    Posted by Pecora Nera | March 9, 2015, 5:04 pm
    • Haha, oh dear, the things we do when we’re totally pissed.
      I’d love to go to Italy – I will see a big Milan derby game at least once in my life. Are the Italians friendly towards the English/Aussies? They’re not like the French are they? Because that’d suck! lol

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | March 10, 2015, 6:02 am
      • Lol. The Italians love The English and Australians, mainly because 95% of them are trying to emigrate to Australia oe rhe UK to find work or to escape the crazy beurocracy.

        I don’t know what is up with the French… they are a miserable lot. It’s probably why we have spent so long fighting them in the past. I wonder if they have forgiven us for sinking their battleships during the 2nd WW when they were supposed to be on our side.

        Posted by Pecora Nera | March 10, 2015, 6:15 am
      • Haha, It’s not like they’d ever have used their battleships, they bloody folded within weeks.
        Good for the UK standing against the War Machine! 😉

        Posted by sarcasticgoat | March 10, 2015, 9:04 am

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