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Mincing Words at Dinner Parties (Humour Poem)


Spaghetti sauce,

potatoes sourced,

straight from the farm ground.


Beef mince,

jellied mint,

tastiness unbound!


Dinner is sorted,

shoot lasagne from mortars,

right into my mouth, yum yum. Yum yum.


Salt on the table,

pepper’s there too,

best of friends, sprinkle sprinkle.


Wine with the meal?

No, just some water.

Is this beef? Is this veal?

I’m not sure, but this poor animal was slaughtered!


The sheets of lasagne,

the belt’s are unfastening,

we are becoming morbidly obese,

from this treat of a meal, this bowl of grease!


A toast to the chef!

We all stand up.

Carrying extra heft,

we lift our colourful cups!


“To the chef! My compliments”

Okay, well done, showoff, sit down.

I hate that guy with immensity,

so loud and obnoxious, damn clown!


So, everybody enjoyed their meal,

we still aren’t sure if it was beef or veal.

But I’m glad with the results,

lasagne, water, wine, pepper and salt.


Next dinner party I hold,

I should probably invite more than one other guy,

Three or more guests, that’d be gold!

That was my dinner party tonight, farewell and good bye! 😉




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