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Fell Fox and the Foray into Furry Fire!

Foxy Fox flitting through furlongs of furry wheat,

fiery eyes ablaze with hope and glory and fun and fury.

The old farmer would not be pleased with this, ol’ Farmer Pete,

If Foxy fox gets caught, there’ll be no judge or jury.


Foxy fox continuing through wheaty fields unabashed,

BANG! Went the farmer’s rifle, Foxy Fox went running into the barn, BOOM, CRASH!

Pete got a good old shot on ol’ Foxy Fox,

Fox was dead, dead enough to be buried in a fibrous box!


Funeral for Fox was held on Friday the Fur-teenth,

all foxes came out to remember the fox they loved and adored,

Pete shooed them away with yet more BANGS!

Foxes went scurrying in all directions, north, west, east and south!


Pete was accosted by foxes of fury,

they ate his legs with plenty to spare.

Pete lay there, dying,

foxes stood there, laughing, conspiring.


Foxes took over the farm of ol’ Pete,

all the admin, business and logistical things too,

The farm was never better,

than when foxes where the CCO, CEO and infantry workers!


One day, Pete’s son, Pete, came round, to see what was happening,

the foxes took battlestations and prepared for the worst,

wheat cannons and pellet guns were loaded and ready for action.

This would be the battle of battles, the end of Fox Earth!


Pete walked up to the barn with a vial of liquid,

foxes looked on with anxious unease.

Pete sprayed the liquid all over the farm,

Foxes went crazy, started dying all around.


Foxes were dead, perhaps.

They were. But, one survived.

Foxy Foxy Fox, son of Foxy Fox it was.

He would avenge his father’s work, one of these days.


One of these days……………..

For now, Pete’s farm runs as usual.

Pete awaits the day,

when fury foxes launch their offensive.


It’ll be one hell of a battle.

Foxes and humans fight to the death,

Rifles and fox teeth fight to the end!

For now, we must wait. We wait, for Fox reconnaissance to tattle!



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