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B Flat! (poem)

There’s no mountains anymore, ho hills, no mounds. It’s all been flattened out, for the upcoming concert. The biggest show of all time, the reunion, of the best music group in the history of the world!



The lights, fireworks and superluminal displays,

will cost eleven-quadrillion in electric bills!

Entire populations pushed out of their homelands,

because the famous seven’s back in town,’The Band”!



Fifty thousand dollars for a ticket, to see the event of the millennium,

the stadium they’re playing in, plated in Gold and Platinum.

Ticket scalpers, if caught, are punished by death!

“”The Band” is coming back”, floats from every breath.



Civil wars erupt in the vague vicinity of the stadium venue,

no aid is sent, no care is given, The Band is back, those refugees won’t be rescued.

The countdown to the event is nearing zero zero zero,

But construction is behind schedule, bring out the concrete-carrying Hippos!



In fact, empty all the zoos, put every animal to work,

if this thing isn’t finished, “The Band” will go berserk!

We’ve got 12 hours left people, before it’s GO-TIME,

“Look! The Band is here, far away, up there in the sky”



“The Band” arrives to the place, in what seems like a flying Aircraft Carrier,

they’re notoriously fickle, what if they don’t like the venue?

They float down on magic backpacks to inspect the space,

at each of their sides their Pit Bull terriers.



“Meh, not as good as we thought, mate”, says one ungrateful member,

They all fly away, the way they came,

Two thirds of the Earth’s surface was wiped away,

to build the reunion spot, took 10 years, 10 Decembers!



The planet was never the same after this massive fail,

crops rotted, animals died, there was a hundred-year hailstorm.

Millions of people forced to relocate to unfamiliar lands,

A flat, unused wasteland remained, just one lonely hotdog stand.



“The Band” don’t care. They’re rich and famous and still have a following.

while the majority of the people are poor and wallowing.

Fame has its costs. Mediocrity takes it’s toll,

“The Band” never played………Earth’s a dustbowl.



…part 2 probably not ever coming.




2 thoughts on “B Flat! (poem)

  1. A Sharp post.

    Posted by Linuxgal | February 26, 2015, 7:45 pm

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