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The Shortest Horror Story Ever Written

……Knock knock, the door went, or rather the person, thing or spectre behind the door went. Kenneth got up from endless slumber to answer it. Upon opening the door, Kenneth found an image, floating in mid-air, it was an image of the man he once was, surrounded by others, perhaps friends he once knew, several decades, maybe millennia ago. Examining the image, Ken fell to the floor. Green, wavy lines emanated off of the image upward into Ken’s face, he choked, shrank at an alarming speed and looked up just in time to see that he was now as big as the human figures in the photo and that he was falling into the picture.

Kenneth came to, stood up, inspected his new surroundings, and saw three colour faded, grey human figures approaching him. He tried to run in the opposite direction, but he ran right into an invisible, impenetrable barrier he couldn’t understand. The three figures grabbed him roughly. They said to him in demonic, muffled voices, “Say cheese! You’re back with us now!”

Ken felt and saw the colour draining from his body. He became a grey shadow of a man. He struggled against it for a short while, before he totally gave into his new fate. “You were never supposed to leave us, Kenny”, said the three figures in unison. Kenneth felt at ease.

I know what you’re thinking. Kenneth thought the exact same thing………….”I knew ‘selfies’ would be the death of humanity”.

The same thing that happened to Kenneth happened to everybody worldwide. The human race erased by their own selfishness – not wars or nuclear weapons, but once thought perfectly-benign technology.



7 thoughts on “The Shortest Horror Story Ever Written

  1. Love love love your take on this! Selfies serious are a horror story.

    Posted by S | February 24, 2015, 2:45 pm

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