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They Say I’m Crazy!

We humans are only on this planet for one reason, and one reason only. We were placed here, engineered here, in order to get minerals, metals and various resources for our alien masters.

They like Gold the most. Gold, for them, is a lot like sugar to us humans. They crave it! They need it to survive, actually, just like we do with sugar.

Their second favourite is carbon dioxide. They use it, mixed with other things, to power their vast machines of construction AND destruction. VAST machine, let me tell ya, absolutely VAST!

We are all slaves and we don’t know it. If you’ve ever played the very popular video game ‘The Sims’, then that’s basically what we are. We are those little people on the screen, being coerced, controlled and ordered to do things. We’ve been implanted with the illusion of free-will, to make us feel like we’re in control of our own lives, but we aint!

So, that’s it. Enjoy your ‘lives’, everybody. 😉



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