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Late Night Driving

The humble droning of the 4 cylinder engine, the whining of the gearbox. The street lights way up above flash by at a reasonable and inherently steady pace. The music on the radio is some kind of drum and bass shuffle. The four-four beat of the modern music is neutral in nature, it seems to suit the environment of the grey road and the uniformity of the driving experience. Down the main road at 80. Drunken people on their Friday night stumble along the side of the road, police sirens flash. Cars for sale on the green patch of grass up ahead, maybe there’ll still be that Peugeot 205 Gti that I’ve been looking at admiringly. It is there, looking squat and cool. I wish it could be mine. But I’m busy, this is drive time!

I love driving. Anywhere, doesn’t matter. Just for the sake of it. The relaxation involved, the predictable nature of it all. I drove around for 3 and a half hours tonight, for no reason whatsoever. The weather was lovely, I lit up some cigarettes and just DROVE! Along the beach, then into the city. The contrast from tranquil beach scenes to hectic neon-lit city life is fascinating. After the city, I went up into the mountain roads. Very little lights and safety involved on those roads, but they’re incredibly fun roads to drive on. They twist and mingle their way up, through and over the hills. Wannabe rally/drift racers get in your way on these types of roads. They have brilliant cars, very cool and powerful, but they don’t know how to drive as well as I do. Me in a small Suzuki Swift tortured those guys through the hills, even though they had Skyline’s, 370Z’s and other muscular cars like that. I know where to place the car through the corners, when to let off the gas and when to dab the throttle mid-corner to get the back end of the car to ‘skip’ around the corner so that you don’t have to put in anywhere near as much steering input. Those guy’s cars sounded amazing, their turbos where spitting and fluttering behind me – but bless their little souls, they couldn’t keep up with this angry young man in a Suzuki Swift! Good times. I met up with a few of those guys at a scenic viewpoint carpark at the top of the hill. They were cool guys. And perhaps I taught them a bit about car control and how to get the absolute most out of any car, especially cars that they wouldn’t consider cool or ‘sweet’. Driving is fun for most people, I’d assume – but it’s at least 10 times more fun if you can drive well. I’d be happy to give you some lessons, folks. 😉

If anyone else is like this, please let me know.



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