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Homeless Folly


Having a laugh, possibly at the downtrodden, it’s tempting, but oh so wrong. Who are we to say, speak and admonish them for reasons aplenty we’ll never know. They’ll be a shambling mess one day, a charming rake the next. A stick with a knapsack tied on, a coat with holes in, sock with holes in, wet, soggy feet. Who knows why they’re in that state, maybe lost their job, their house, their friends. We’ve all been there, we, like they, deserve sympathy, no one will argue that innate truth of human societal norms. Life has dealt the homeless a very bad hand, a leprotic hand with trembling and shaking to add. Cannot blame them for drinking themselves senseless whenever they can, I know I would, if I had no home, no family, no money or stability. Some of them are mean, miserable bastards. But some are genial and friendly, and ready to laugh. When you meet a homeless person with the personality of a comedian, tip them some bucks, even if they waste it on beer or drugs or recycled Peking duck. If they wear the shirt of your favourite sport’s team, shake their hand and have a chat about the game. They’ll know the score, in many ways, ways you don’t. They’re not geniuses, but they’re street-smart, street-smarter than you are! Afar, in the distance, lay their dreams and hopes. They’re long gone, something must be done, a race? Where’s the starter’s gun? Giving them housing will only go so far, giving them jobs will only work for so long. Their predicament is a bit more turgid, their LIVES have gone wrong, not just no house or money, but their lives have dissolved, like bees without honey! I don’t know any homeless people, but I’ve given money to some before. “He’ll just spend it on booze, you know”, said a passerby in a neat suit at the train station. “Well, that’s what I was going to spend it on too”, I said to this heartless suited man. He walked off with a wry smile, then he dropped his briefcase, I laughed, the homeless guy laughed, we shared a moment. Good times.

I have a soft spot for the homeless. They’re real people, unlike the bankers and politicians and billionaire wankers!

Peace out.



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