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Do You Have An ‘i’ Condition?


Yes, yes you do.

You people, you who own an iPhone or anything like the like.

According to studies, you people spend more time looking at your phone screens than you do looking other people in the eye and talking to them face-to-face.

I have a Nokia mobile phone from the year 2004. It’s 11 years old, it still works. It seems all those Nokia memes are totally true. I charge it on a Monday, and the battery lasts all the way through to the next Monday, sometimes longer, if I’ve been electronically frugal with it.

Technology is enslaving us? I don’t want to say yes. But it must be true. People lack person-skills nowadays. Most people think it is acceptable to stop a conversation mid-flow to look down fleetingly at their phone’s screen. What the fookin’ hell is that about? Rude arses!

I was recently talking to a girl I was interested in a few days ago at a certain establishment. She was very funny, smart and very attractive. Everything was going great, until……until she began to look at her phone every 30 seconds. Now, believe me, I would know for sure if she wasn’t interested, everyone isn’t interested in me, and she couldn’t have been such a good actor to act uninterested. We were talking, laughing, flirting……..then she became possessed. Possessed by an evil electric demon. I don’t know if I will continue pursuing this girl, because, you know, I’m a Woody Allen-level neurotic fucker – but who knows.?

Technology is great. Don’t get me wrong. I am entirely thankful that we have the vaccines we have now, the computer power we have, the cars we have, the internet and so on. But phones, I think, are the problem. The internet does not turn people into rude fucks, vaccines, cars and television doesn’t turn people into arseholes. It’s PHONES!

Phones are in our pockets every second of every day. ENOUGH!

My phone does not have access to the internet. It can’t even send pictures, no camera. All it does is receive and make calls…..and it also allows me to play the occasional game of ‘Snake’. Good times.

PHONES are detrimental to human contact. I’ll prove it…….

…..go without your smart phone for one whole day, spend the day talking to people, interacting face-to-face, you will be shocked how easy and gratifying it is.




2 thoughts on “Do You Have An ‘i’ Condition?

  1. Great post! I couldn’t agree more says the woman still carrying a flip phone.:) G-uno

    Posted by idioglossiablog | February 11, 2015, 10:47 pm

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