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Left vs Right, on the thing that really matters – Science and Space Exploration

I lean to the left on almost everything. Except one huge thing, space exploration and travel.

The left doesn’t seem to bothered about space travel at all. Anyone care to explain? I’m baffled.

I think it was Dick Cheney or one of those idiot right wing thugs who said that the US should seriously consider going back to the moon, AND also consider building bases and colonies there too.

This, I think, is something that should be done. Instead of every one one billionth of a penny on the tax dollar going to NASA, let’s jack that up to half a penny, or 1 penny. Let’s go back into space, look around, and start to actually spread ourselves out there, on the moon to begin with, but then onto Mars and maybe onto the rocky moons of Jupiter and Saturn after that (long, long after that mind you).

People are often totally dismissive of space travel and exploration, they say, “That’s not going to help us down here on Earth at all”. Quite the opposite, Luddites. Space travel and the technology invented and progressed along the way WILL help us on Earth. Virtually all the modern technology we have right now is because of the original 400,ooo people employed by NASA to do the original moon mission. The fact that we have tiny electronic devices like phones and laptops is directly from the moon mission – because shedding size and weight is absolutely necessary to getting tech into space – it costs 100,000 dollars to send a pound of anything up there, you know!?

So, we should absolutely go back into space, it WILL help us out here on Earth, not just in practical terms, but think of the images we’d see sent back from a colony on Mars, looking back on the tiny Earth – think of the generation of artists and poets who’d be inspired by those images!? Goddamn!

Let’s go back into space, Earth is fucking boring anyway.



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