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My Dream Last Night (feel free to analyze at length)


I’m sitting out the front of my house with someone I’ve never seen before, yet they feel very familiar and friendly. It’s very dark, maybe 1 or 2 in the morning. As many, many cars drive past my house, me and my familiar friend take aim with a scoped rifle, but we never shoot.

This is all fun and games, until one particular driver in a small hatchback sees us aiming at him, he doesn’t like it, so he starts circling the block relentlessly. Me and my familiar friend-person hide behind a bench on the front yard of the house directly opposite my house. The angry driver of the small hatchback spots us, then pulls up right up close to us on the kerb and he confronts us!

Then, suddenly it’s daytime and the sun is shining. My familiar friend is sitting on the bench now holding a golf club nonchalantly, like it’s totally normal. There is also another  man sitting on the bench now too. He does not feel familiar like my golf club wielding mystery friend does, this new sitting man feels a bit ominous and serious and cold, but not scary, I’m not feeling scared by this man’s presence. The ominous man stands up to talk to me as I’m checking out his son’s car (strange, I know, but somehow I just know he’s his son), when suddenly I see an aeroplane (big 747 Jumbo) in the distance. It starts to fly closer to us, and it starts flying crazily and out of control. It gets closer and closer, and is clearly going to crash, but it seems far enough away to not be too much of a problem. It spirals to the ground and finally crashes. It makes a muffled thud sound as it hits the ground, not the sound I was expecting.

Me and my familiar friend walk down the street a little bit, I think so we can get a closer look at the flames and stuff. And the ominous guy and his son have completely disappeared at this point. I never see them again. As my familiar friend and I get closer to the plane, suddenly my friend vanishes and I’m transported to the beach instantly. It seems as though the plane crash had caused the water levels to rise hugely, to tidal wave, tsunami levels of water. I run away from the beach, I look down onto the beach and see hundreds of people running away too. The water is crashing and rolling towards me as it’s already reached up and over the cliff/bluff face that I was transported onto. Water is hitting my feet and ankles as I start running towards a big beach house across the road. I realize I’m not going to make it, so for some reason I just jump up in the air as high as I can. After I’ve jumped into the air, I start to sort of magically float and fly. I have complete control of this as well. I can glide anywhere I want, but I cannot fly properly, only glide around at the level I jumped to.

I glide to relative safety on top of a roof of a very big house. There are, it seems, about 30 other people huddling on this roof, some are acting nonchalantly, others are crying and shaking.

Then I woke up……………………….what in the name of fuck was that dream about? huh?



2 thoughts on “My Dream Last Night (feel free to analyze at length)

  1. Wow! That was a doozie. My impression is that there is a decision you are facing or an uncomfortable change that you want to escape from. (That is how my subconscious rolls!)

    Posted by JodiLea | October 23, 2015, 3:51 pm

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