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“I’ve Been On A Journey”

Lounging out in the back of a taxi, on the way home. Jeff Smite, the “it” guy of the moment looked out of the cab’s window, the rain was spilling down the glass, the lightning was illuminating the dark night’s sky, and the cabbie was spouting some garbled racism which Jeff managed to tune out.

Just 20 minutes ago, Jeff was on stage at the Meadowfield theatre in Massachusetts. He’d blown the audience away in his audition. He sang “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen, everyone loved it, everyone cheered. Jeff was buzzing…………..but during his initial speech/introduction………he lied!

He LIED! He had told the audience and the judges, “I really feel like this is going to be the greatest journey of my life”. He was lying. There was no journey to be had. Jeff grew up in a rich family. He never had to work a shitty low paying job, everything he’d ever wanted was given to him by his wealthy family and friends.

Jeff Smite was a great singer, but he was a rich liar. No journey for him. Just the same life of boozing, promiscuous sex, drugs, rock and roll and eccentric dress sense!

Jeff died a few months later from a heroin overdose. I suppose you could say he did actually go on a journey, a wild journey, not related to talent in any way. A journey he would never forget, or remember for that matter.

Jeff died a relative hero. A good singer. A drunk. A drug addict. Truly a wasted life.

RIP Jeff Smite. Sorry our world was never good enough for you.



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