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Funny Accent

“Ze Germans surely must have packed ze bridge with explosives, surely, ya?” – Said Corporal Smith.

“Stop talking like the enemy, Smith.” Said Captain Jones.

“But you surely like to hear zis voice coming out of zis mouth, ya?” Said Smith.

“You sound ridiculous.” Said the Captain.

“But in order to get into ze frame of mind of ze Germans, you must speak like zey do, you know?” Smith said cheekily.

“Shut up Smith!” the Captain barked.

“I vill not stop, I want to get into ze heads of zose grey-coat vearing nasty men.” Smith whispered.

“Smith! For Christ’s sake, man.” the Captain shouted.

“Shhhh, do not shout, Captain. You very well may give avay our pozition.” whispered Smith.

*Jones and Smith lead their platoon up to a small town*

“Ve must surely take ze pozition on the left, I zink zat is vhere zey are hiding.” whispered Smith.

“Good idea, Smith, you stupid arse!” Captain said.

*Jones and Smith approach a barn, they are both shot by a German sniper*

“Zis is ze end of us, Captain. I have enjoyed serving under you, Zir.” mumbled Smith.

“You’re a cunt. This is all your fault.” said Captain Jones.

“I admit, I could have tried a little bit hoarder to get into zere minds, my accent vas not enough”…..*dies*

“Fucking hell, you’re a dickhead”…..*dies*



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