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Sunday (Sundee)

I shall wake up from turgid, shuffled sleep.

Feeling slightly recharged, certainly not the best rested…..but okay all the same.

I’ll mill around the house for a bit, perhaps shower or use that internet!

Then, when the SUN goes down, I’ll drive to the cigarette dispenser, then the beverage man, then move on to the Lady Of The Petrol………she’s very nice, but smells bloody awful!

Then I’ll get home safely, cheerful and peppy,

I shall watch the football games on the telly.

My team won last night, tis good news. Come on you Spurs, you little beauties!

My arch-rivals Arsenal play this night, I hope they get destroyed by meteorite!

Annoyingly, they’ve begun to play quite well.

Team full of Frenchies! Their tiki-taka swell.

So this is my Sunday. My Sundee, my rest day.

Being angry at 7 French players, tis a Sundee well observed.

“Walcott is miles off! Ref! That’s offside!”

Hope you Gooners lose in typical style.

Then Spurs place be preserved.

You’ve Sanchez, we’ve Eriksen.

You’ve Wilshere, we’ve Harry Kane.

Your time has come to an end, you once “Invincibles” you,

I knew it was true, when you signed Giroud!

That’s my Sunday folks and folkettes.

Say hi to your mothers for me, no regrets!



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