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Australia Day

January the 26th, the day we like to call “Australia Day”.

If I was a cynical, negative type of person(which I am) I would instead call it “Invasion Day”.

The day when the British Imperialists sailed over in boats and took this enormous country from its original owners.

It’s kind of pathetic and sad how the aboriginal population is still to this day treated with underwhelming levels of support and enthusiasm.

Alcoholism and drug abuse is rife within the aboriginal community, and I can’t really blame them. I’d probably drink myself to death if I was in their position.

Anyway, Australians today, had barbecues, drank beer and cider mostly from what I saw. The men went shirtless, the women wore very little, a young lady even flashed me her tits when I drove past a popular beach town near where I live. That was nice.

Among many Australians is a kind of vicious patriotism that verges on pure racism and xenophobia. I’ve never understood this at all. I mean, Australia is a great place to live, but I’m not proud to be Australian, I was just born here. And I’m not against immigrants coming to this country, as long as they are willing to work and do their best to fit in, which I think, is what the vast VAST majority of immigrants want to do.

Im off now, to get a glass of milk. See ya later! 😉



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