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Invasion 1944

I play a game. It’s called Arma 2. I’ve written about it before on this blog, I think. It’s a very realistic military simulator game for the PC. I mean, if you get shot just once, you’re pretty much out for the count, and you have to “respawn” as they say. You can play as the mighty US marine corps, or US Army, or British Defence Forces, or even the nasty Russians, or terrorists insurgents. It’s cool.

There is a mod(downloadable add-on) for this game. It’s called “Invasion 1944”. You can guess what it’s about, can’t you.

It’s a meticulously detailed WW2 simulator. And I’ll tell you what. I was playing as an NCO in the US Army. I was in a Higgin’s Boat on June 6th 1944, floating towards Omaha Beach. There were mortars aiming for us, blowing up boats alongside us. Then the ramps went down, and we were in the jaws of death! Running up the beach, German machinegun bullets whizzing past us. We made it, mostly. Our medic was the first one to die, annoying! haha

People think that video games are pointless, childish things that idiots play. This is untrue for two reasons.

1. Children who play video games have better problem-solving skills, better vocabulary skills and are generally more creative thinkers.

2. Video games (this game in particular) can momentarily become the most appealing form of art in the world. You aren’t just watching the D-Day landings, you were taking part in the landing, in full-graphics, gorgeous!

Video games, are alright by me.




One thought on “Invasion 1944

  1. Look like it would be a fun game.

    Posted by ericjaspers | January 22, 2015, 9:43 pm

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