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Pray For Me (Food Question)

I’ve just eaten a slice of pizza that I left out on the counter (under a towel).

I got back from doing some things, a few hours after I left the pizza there, and when I got home I decided I’d have one more slice.

Anyway, I had the slice, then went back into the kitchen to put the plate away. Then to my disgust and horror, I saw a mouse writhing around under the towel that was covering the one remaining slice of pizza.

Now, I can only assume that this mouse had been nibbling on the slices of pizza before I got home, right?

Will I get sick? There was no mouse shit lying around that I was able to see, so that’s good. As for mouse piss? I have no idea whether the pizza was saturated in it or not, so that sucks.

I’m quite worried about this, but I was just thinking about one thing……

….surely we eat things that have come into contact with mice all the time, don’t we? Mice are absolutely everywhere! Even, everytime we take our dirty shoes off, forget to wash our hands, then eat some food, we’re getting awful germs in our bodies all the same. huh?

I don’t know, I’ll report back if I start having deathly-like symptoms.




2 thoughts on “Pray For Me (Food Question)

  1. You will most likely turn into a mouse. Ever wonder why there are so many mice and missing people? Dundundun..

    Posted by Headintheclouds | January 21, 2015, 4:16 pm

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