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Noah’s Ark

We got two of every animal, except the fish and whales and all the sea creatures, we figured they’d be fine with the awful flood conditions, hell, they’d fucking love all that extra water, wouldn’t they?

The wood for the boat, we got all of it from the Enchanted forest. We encountered quite a lot of resistance from the tree-hugging hippies that dwelled there, but we sorted them out with a guaranteed place in Heaven if they let us use all of their wood, they folded very quickly and left for the barren fields clicking their heels. (They’re not really going to Heaven, but ignorance is bliss, eh?)

The carpenters we got to build the whole thing turned up several hours late, their excuse was that the weather was horrific, and their horses got bogged in the mud…….typical tradesmen excuses.

The lions, we discovered, had to be separated from all the other animals quite early on. They ate the two Dodo birds instantly. Sadly there will be no Dodo in the future, sad.

The dogs on board were very well behaved and obedient, we were very impressed with them. They’ll be very popular in the future I think.

And, the human female I’ve chosen to mate with and take into the Promised land, is a casual acquaintance I’ve known on a part time basis, her name is Amber. And basically I’ve chosen her because she has a banging body. Big boobies, big backside, a truly sexy lady.

It’s going to be very tough trying to carry on into the future with Amber, but I’m sure we’ll manage *wink* [sexy music begins playing]

*Ark floats off into the distance*



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