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Just to clear things up (rant)

Hello people who don’t like football (soccer),

I’ve become too tired to argue anymore on this issue. So I’ll just say this…..

Compare your favourite sport to soccer – if your favourite sport is NFL, then it’s like this……comparing sports to music genres….

NFL is a 3 minute, manufactured, sappy pop song with a strong, repetitive beat and bland melodies.

Soccer is jazz! Improvised, creative, think-on-your-feet, unpredictable, all about the journey rather than the destination type of sport.

Also, Lionel Messi (the best soccer player on Earth, possibly of all time) is 5 foot 7 inches, and has the body of a totally average man. American sports stars are almost all over 6 foot, hugely muscled and thought of as physical superheroes. Messi is a superhero too, a superhero with the body of the lazy guy who works at the video store.

End rant!



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