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I’ve not blogged anything meaningful in a long time.

So, here’s my meaningful shit,

Whooooooooooooo! Hoooooooooooooo! I’ma gonna spend ma millions on a big ol’ pile o’ shi’. (money, in this case, is the shit).

In conclusion, money is SHIT! A useless, unnecessary product invented by some very unimaginative fuckers!

Be gone, money, you vile cunt! (oooh, he said cunt!) Damn right I did, you wanna know why? Basically it’s because I’m a fucking cunt. And being a cunt, this gives me certain rights……..chief among which, is the right to use the word “cunt” any cunting time I want…..cunt.

Sorry, I’m still in a very, VERY bad mood. I’m sure you’ll all understand.

Bye, cunts (just kidding, you’re all lovely people) 😉



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