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If I Had A Billion Dollars….

If I was to stumble upon a billion dollars one day, I know exactly how I’d spend it, all of it.

*Keep in mind – I’m having a very angry, upsetting, borderline depressing time with this particular building. I’m at my wits end……of course, I don’t want to bomb the building or take my anger out on it and its employees or anything stupid like that, I’m just going to be complaining about said building/shop/shithole at lllleeeennnnggggtttthhhh!* 

All of it I’d put towards the demolition of a certain building (a very important building in my life for quite some time, though probably not for much longer). No terrorism or any of that shit. What I mean is, I’d demolish it at night, when everyone who works there has gone home. I’d sweep up the rubble in a few short hours, and then fly a pre-built flat-pack Starbucks or Subway, or any one of those boring, ubiquitous companies of coffee or shit food right over the foundations of said gone building, and just drop it onto the concrete and pylons. When the employees of the building I just flattened arrive for work in the morning, I’d gladly tell them that they’re all redundant, “Go home”, either that or they could learn how to make weak coffee real fucking fast if they want to have a chance of keeping any sort of job!

The store/building I would demolish is….. my place of work! Oh what a surprise! I bet you’ve never heard a person abuse their place of work before have you? Ha! No you haven’t, I’m keeping it totally original for YOU! 😉

Anyway, I just needed to get that off my chest………………fuckin’ shithole of a place!

The question is, I’ve applied for quite a few different jobs, and I’m starting to get some replies from these job-giver people. So, should I quit my “job” at this “building” that I currently have (1 shift a week, 3-3 and a half hours, about 73 dollars a week, that’s all), or should I stay on with this 73 dollar-a-week job for now, even though the place and the people make my internal organs scream with anger and fury, those slimy, fake dunces!

Not an easy question, but I’d appreciate it very much if you’d lend your advice to me, thanks.

Also, if you could send a picture of a very angry, frustrated man (preferably cartoon) to me in the comments so I can use it for this post!




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