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Greetings Earthlings (TV review)

Hello, Earth-dweller,

I have been keeping an eye on you and your planet for some thirty thousand years now (your years, not mine).

One thing I have learned……you like fighting, don’t you!?

The year was 1939, this is when the worst one started. A certain Mr. Hitler began some nonsense, and you all banded together to fight him, well, except the French, Italians and a few other “Axis” peoples, I can’t remeber the finer details, I never really got into it.

But anyway, I watched this conflict from beginning to end. It was horrible. I shall not be giving your planet a favourable review at all!

I will voice my disgust on the intergalactic website http://www.planetTVreview.uni.

Your planet does not produce good quality entertainment at all. If one of my Godlike friends asks me if I’ve watched anything good recently, I will say, “yeah, Klittbor 297-AF has some good shit on it. Just don’t go watch anything on that Earth, they suck, there’s never anything good on it!”

Sincerely yours,

Mr. Bored-Godlike-Trolling Creature.



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