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A Controversial Thought (Islam rant)

This is going to sound VERY controversial and possibly quite offensive to some people…..but the theory goes a bit like this,

“Some people on this Earth may indeed hold and cherish certain ideas, and enact these certain beliefs that may be so dangerous and absurd, that those persons should be killed. They should be killed (humanely executed, in the best scenario) for legitimately believing certain ideas.” 

I don’t know exactly where to stand on this issue. I know, killing people for believing things sounds completely insane…….but, if you really think about it, it starts to not sound so strange and obscene.

Let’s take a relative view of this theory,

Let’s say that Iraq, during Saddam’s reign, and the Iraqis within Iraq at that time, were relatively happy in their lives. They probably were, not knowing that they lived within a horrific dictatorship(they never asked any questions, and that made them happy – ignorance is bliss, kind of thing). So, they were happy, but that doesn’t mean that the reign of that fuckhead Saddam was right in any way. So, his power had to be done away with, and this was successfully done by both the Allied Army(as I would call them) and a large number of Iraqis themselves.

Another example (hypothetical),

Say that there is a very remote tribe somewhere in the Amazon. This tribe’s most sacred and important ritual is to rape babies and then eat them alive afterwards! Now, even if this is this tribe’s most cherished idea, it is inherently fucked up! It is objectively wrong, and should be stopped at all costs! It cannot be allowed, no sane human being would allow that type of behaviour in their vicinity.

So, there are limits to how much respect we should pay to other people’s beliefs is what I’m saying.

AND, very importantly, Islam at this time, is quite frankly not worth any of our time or respect! At one time in history, Islam was the most inclusive and progressive religion on Earth….Baghdad was once the capital of free-thought and science…..but something very evil happened within Islam, and it had ceased to be the way it once was.

Islam is at it’s most crucial turning point. Moderate Muslims either stand up against Islamic terrorism in FULL force, and eradicate them from their religion, or they keep on making excuses for terrorists, and halt the progress of mankind by several centuries!

I’m fuckin’ pissed off, as you can tell.

See ya!



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