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Season 1, Episode 1, Scene 1

**man (me) is walking down the road, past all the shops and happy people. He bends down to tie his shoelace, get’s pushed over by an old lady not looking where she’s walking. He apologizes, she walks off still looking at her phone. He is angry, he walks along some more, then he sees a phone shop up the road. He decides he will go in and have a look around, as he gets closer and closer to the shop, he sees people running out of the shop very quickly and scared. A few seconds later, a huge explosion destroys the phone shop, phones and rubble fly out into the street, people run and cower. The man (me) stays there for a while to see if he can help in any way, then gets told by a policeman to “go home, nothing to see here”.**

**The man (me) goes home, and tries to relax. He turns the TV on and there is nothing but news of the explosion on every single channel. He cracks open what looks like a beer can, he sips it, and watches the news coverage for a few hours before falling asleep.**

**Man’s (mine) alarm clock wakes him up. Seconds later there are several hard, authoritative knocks on his front door. He answers the door. Three police officers are stood there, they have some serious questions……**

Police man 1 – –  Hello, Sir. We have some questions for you.

Man – – Yeah? Go right ahead, fellas.

Police man 2 – – You witnessed the explosion on Barnacle Street, didn’t you?

Man – – Uh, yeah I did. It was like something out of a fucking movie or something, you know!?

Police man 3 – – Ah, good then. So you are fully aware that the explosion was indeed part of a movie. They’re making a movie in this part of town, and that explosion was merely a stunt in the movie. It’s gonna be a good one, I hear. So, nothing to worry about…………merely a film sequence, have a nice day, Sir.

Man – – Really? So it actually was something out of a movie? Well, that’s kinda cool.

Police man 1 – – Yes. It was. Good day to you.

**The police officers walk off, down the driveway. They look anxious and slightly scared. The man (me) thinks nothing of it; they’re cops, they live their whole lives in fear, probably.** 




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