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What Are You Doing For New Year’s Eve?

sydney fireworks

What will you be doing?

I know what I’ll be doing – – I shall be playing some sort of online video game of the role-playing variety (they really are fun at New Year’s Eve, because in these games, you can gather together with other players from all over the world and watch the virtual celebrations and the virtual fireworks in the town squares of any of the big cities in the game……………..while you can hear REAL fireworks going off in the REAL world simultaneously outside your house! How fucking cool is that!?….don’t answer that, it’s not cool, really)……………..God damnit, how sad is my life!? haha…….*sobs*

Either that, or I will just drive around for several hours (from about 10pm to 3am) and watch the happy, celebrating people from………..inside my car………damn that’s creepy, but it’s what I’ve done for the past 3 or 4 New Year’s Eves. And, by my standards of fun, driving around, listening to the music I like, eating and drinking the things I like, in a nice-smelling car, is actually one of the most fun things I actually ever do. And I don’t care if that’s lame.

Does anyone have anything even more depressing than my plans? If you do, please comment, I need to not feel so worthless on the most “fun” night of the year. Or just tell me your plans either way, they’re bound to be a LOT better than mine.



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