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Secret Room

Space in the brain,

where thoughts still remain,

today they all come out,

it is the end of the drought!

Wildly, blindly, zipping around the place,

the walls are a blur, the places for faces,

No idea where to go, secret room, with an old Doom.

Having fun, shooting monsters, pixelated, gory gloom!

The night is falling, the moon is fawning,

I’m talking to it, in the secret room,

As I gloss over the book of the month,

A big old bite is taken out of me, “CRUNCH!”

The monsters out of Doom have come to life,

they’ve come alive in the secret room,

I dread the night in this scary place,

monsters tryna eat ma face!

As I curl up on the bed, the covers on me, smothering,

the monsters might not see me here,

I could be safe, safe from the sharpish teeth!

This room is no place for the meekly weaklings!

The secret room, the morning dew,

I’ve made it, I did it,

I survived a night in the secret room,

Never again,

2 out of 5 stars I give to the Secret Room!



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