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New Research Shows……”A Post A Day Keeps The Doctor Away”.

For the past several weeks, I’ve been writing at least 1 post on this Blog every day. This month, I’ve only missed 1 day, the 7th it was, I think because my car broke down that day and I was fucking furious all day and all night!

Anyway, since I’ve started writing a lot of posts, at least 1 a day, I’ve found that my health hasn’t declined in the least. I mean, I have no specific health problems to begin with, but since I’ve been writing more and more, I haven’t contracted a single cold, or a case of flu, or anything at all, not even a sore throat or stomach complaint of any kind………now, this may be coincidence, and it almost certainly is, but coincidences are boring, so here’s my new, groundbreaking theory of………..

“The Effects Of Writing Things On The Human Body’s Systems”

I, SarcasticGoat, have compiled a very convincing study of 1, myself that is – my research has clearly shown that incessant, continuous, prodigious writing, whether it be on paper or cyber-paper, has beneficial effects on the immune system of human beings…..and possibly chimpanzees too, we just need to teach them how to write. Also, interestingly, the quality of the stuff you write doesn’t matter in the slightest. My research patient, SarcasticGoat is testament to this, most of his writing is God awful, but still his health improves and so on.  

My painstaking research, spanning literally a bit over a month, is irrefutable evidence that the act of writing, the thoughts, emotions and especially the physical action of writing or typing, has very beneficial effects on the human mind and body – bear in mind my study was only representative on 1 person, but still….it’s a start, right?

Without trying to sound too grandiose, I genuinely believe that my new theory is the greatest thing since the guy who invented the “sliced bread” phrase killed himself with a butter knife!

Please share my theory to all your scientist friends………I think there’s some sciencey type things in there that sound like they might be true.





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