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Everything Happens For No Reason

People always say this,

all things happen for a reason,

they couldn’t be more wrong,

the universe don’t owe you a thing.

The universe does not know you exist,

to it, you’re as meaningless as the seasons,

Your life aint a movie, it aint no King Kong,

get on with your life, your little, insignificant nothing.

With that said, you’re a lovely person,

with lovely qualities and things about you,

but all things DON’T happen for a reason,

at least no reason for a life changing meaning.

Karma doesn’t exist, so it can’t be a bitch,

life is actually hard and unfair, that’s the hitch!

Live, love, embrace, laugh,

don’t be persuaded by those charlatans daft.

Things happen that are bad, very bad,

these things go away, they pass, in time,

you’re just going to have to deal with it,

without resorting to childish ideas.

When one door closes another door opens?


Revolving doors in your area are the norm?

When a door closes in your face,

it won’t open again by divine intervention,

you’ll have to make your next plan of attack,

make those plans and on silly notions don’t look back!




2 thoughts on “Everything Happens For No Reason

  1. This poem is really awesome, coz its really emotional, and i know the feeling. Well written

    Posted by Founder of ilovemusic | December 18, 2014, 3:56 pm

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