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Wang Dang Doodle Machine (US Drones)

I have this thing, this clanging clump of steel and plastic,

it hums, whizzes, burbles and fizzles mysterious.

The noises it makes are cool and quaint,

I’ve no idea what it does, but I’ll find out today!

I remove one of the panels, taking out three screws,

the thing hops up on springy legs, and breaks loose!

It runs around the house, and leaps out of the window,

it’s a long way to the ground, I hope it has wings of cling film.

It DOES have wings, which it spreads out with metallic pride,

It soars up and up and up, into the vast, clear sky.

I watched it fly up for what seemed like minutes,

I watched it fly more, ignoring my dinner.

I never saw this thing again, let’s hope it stays safe,

a being like that probably has it’s own place.

It didn’t belong here on Earth, it didn’t look right,

I hope it gets home safely, to its drone-family in the sky!



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