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Are You Following My Blog, NSA?

Every day, more or less, I check my stats. Blog stats, that is. What I’ve noticed is that there is an unusual amount of people in the United States who seem to “check on” my blog posts every day. Now, these could just be some lovely American people who like my stuff and check in every day to read it…I hope that is true. OR. OR! It could be the myriad of American “intelligence” agencies scanning through all the stuff I write every day just to make sure I’m not a terrorist. I am categorically NOT a terrorist, so don’t worry. And I would be very surprised to find out that real terrorists spread their filthy ideas and plans through WordPress (one of the most trafficked sites in the world).

So, if you’re reading this NSA or CIA or whatever you’re called nowadays, could you please help me out a little bit and tell me in the comments what you think of my Blog? What parts do you like, or not like? Should I write more about the greatness of the imperial juggernaut of hope, truth and justice called “The United States”? That sort of thing…




2 thoughts on “Are You Following My Blog, NSA?

  1. They have merge the acronym is now CINSA. And ofcourse they´re going to be looking at your blog, with your addiction to coffee you could go all nutty and decide to join ISIS, which in turn will damage the coffee industry which employs millions of people. So if you think about it, coffee by default has made you a potential threat to the world or even the universe!

    Posted by charlypriest | December 15, 2014, 10:45 am

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