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Sadly The Most Action I’ve Gotten In A Long Time

So, I’ve just gotten back home from my 5 year High School reunion. It was good. Saw some old friends. Saw them drunk, saw them having a wonderful time, and then there was me….drinking Diet-Coke, and chain smoking in the corner with the other filthy smokers, who were actually old friends too – we smokers stick together, dammit!. But it was a fun night, nonetheless.

Here’s the thing though…..there was a girl there, a girl who I knew a little bit in high school, but not greatly (we’ve been corresponding via Facebook occassionally in totally innocent ways, nothing sexual or the sort). Anyway, unless I’m absolutely awful at picking up on signals of attraction, I would say with some confidence that this girl “likes me” as the kids these days say. She walked over to me pretty much as soon as she got there, said “hello” and returned to talk to me and the guys I was talking to a couple of times during the night, even though we really don’t know each other very well at all. Glances were also exchanged a few times during the night. The most telling thing though was when she, while a bit tipsy, hugged me (lunged towards, more accurately) immediately when she found out that I was leaving the place, then offered to give me her lipstick, and was actually quite adamant that I accept the lipstick (no idea why). We joked around about the lipstick for a few minutes, saying how we should both don the lipstick to seduce any police officers that might want to give us a speeding ticket etc….blah blah, harmless fun. Then, as I joked around with the lipstick, putting it up to my lips in a jokey attempt to pretend really putting it on, she knocked my arm upwards towards my face, and so in a split-second I really did have the lipstick on. She laughed a lot, said I looked “pretty”, and then hugged me again, laughed, then looked a bit dizzy, then took a brief moment to regain her balance etc. Then I left.

Now, as I’ve said, this was all harmless fun. But, what does this mean? Bear in mind that I am extraordinarily rusty when it comes to talking to women and all that jazz, but her displays of what I believe scientists call “flirting” were quite obvious, I thought. And fun too, I’ve been missing out on that type of fun for so long, damn!

I know I’m not insane, I know how this girl and I interacted……so, what I would like to ask anyone supremely knowledgeable in this subject, is this,

Was she acting as if she was genuinely interested based on what I’ve told you? Or was it just the alcohol talking? I almost certain I already know the answer, but I must be seek guidance on this. 

And sorry for sounding so lame and insecure about this…….I’m uptight and British in character.



10 thoughts on “Sadly The Most Action I’ve Gotten In A Long Time

  1. Stop being british. You should call her and invite her out then take her home and shag her silly

    Posted by myatheistlife | December 13, 2014, 3:27 pm
  2. Dr. Love is in the house, here is my opinion, you should have taken her home that same night when she was drunk as a skunk but since that opportunity has passed, just call her up or if you say you talk through facebook then send her a message saying ” hi, (name) it was nice to see you the other day, and fun, would you like to repeat it this week and have tea or a drink?” Something like that. Just be you, what do you have to loose, you don´t see her so it means that you already have a no, so what are you going to loose just by asking? And if you are insecure in that aspect she will see it, and she will or has probably seen it and there´s nothing wrong maybe she likes other things about you and maybe even that insecurity she likes, who knows, but unless you don´t give it a try and ask her out you´ll never find out. And that would really be the shit, to not find out for the lack of just not asking her out.

    Posted by charlypriest | December 13, 2014, 5:09 pm
  3. Gee whiz. Didn’t they teach you anything in school? 2 plus 2 equals 4.

    Posted by Bumba | December 14, 2014, 12:56 am

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