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Comic Book/Graphic Novel Idea……………..

Here’s what I’ve got so far……

The story follows the adventures and exploits of a ragtag group of spies, mercenaries and assassins. They each come from a different time period on Earth (and possibly from other planets, not sure yet) – One is from the Cold-War era, one is from Ancient Rome, one from 100 years in the future etc.

These guys and gals have been called together by a mysterious resistance group based in the future. This resistance group took each of the spies, mercenaries and assassins from their own time, and brought them into the future. They plan on using the skills and talents of the people they brought forward in time in order to help them fight an underground (and possibly an above-ground too) war against the near-totalitarian empire that rules the galaxy in the future.

This ruling empire is shrouded in secrecy and none of the ordinary future citizens are even aware of their power over them. The resistance knows very little about the empire, but they enough to know that they’re very bad and evil. So they employ the “time spies” to assist them in fighting against and hopefully one day overthrowing this awful empire.

So obviously it’s set far into the future. But there will be no magic, or lightsabers or the “force” or any of that nonsense. It’s going to be hard-science. Lazer guns and futuristic technology as I predict it.

That’s all I’ve got so far, so any ideas you may have I’d be happy to read and think about.




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