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First Titles For Famous Films That Were Disregarded.

Feel free to add your own examples. Here are mine….

Star Wars : Space Fights.

Lord Of The Rings: Leader Of The Finger Jewels.

Star Trek: Boring Travels with Aliens.

Transformers: Metal Changers

Alien vs Predator: Slime Creature fights Invisible Guy

Titanic: Uh Oh, Icebergs!

Avatar: Blue Man Group (copyright issues)

The Matrix: Honey, I’m Trapped In The Computer!

Jaws: Shark Mandibles

Planet Of The Apes: Monkey World

Saving Private Ryan: Fighter Plane vs Pistol

Jurassic Park: Dino Attack Forest!

Pulp Fiction: What The Fuck Is Going On?

Iron Man: Steel Guy

Batman Returns: Spoiled Brat Comes Back in Black

Twelve Monkeys: A Dozen Chimps

Independence Day: Aliens Ruin National Holiday

28 Days Later: British Zombies

Zazie Dans Le Metro: Little French Girl Runs From Home

Any Seth Rogen/Jonah Hill movie: Utter, lowest common denominator drivel!



2 thoughts on “First Titles For Famous Films That Were Disregarded.

  1. Titanic and icebergs…. I wonder how the guy driving that ship didn´t see an iceberg the size of Mount Everest. Maybe back then they didn´t have good glasses is my guess, actually is not a guess I´m right. I found the real answer, they didn´t have the technology for making good glasses and this is what happened. On the upside, they did make the movie on it and that Kate whatever her last name is is hot.

    Posted by charlypriest | December 9, 2014, 11:24 am
    • Winslet, yeah I know right.

      As far as I know they pretty much knew that there were massively dangerous icebergs in the Atlantic ocean, but because the Titanic was the biggest, best ship ever made, they just plowed on through the iceberg fields, because turning back would’ve made the ship a laughing stick! Hahaha, morons.

      Posted by sarcasticgoat | December 9, 2014, 2:47 pm

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