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The Freedom Ship

*Some time in the very near future, I mean, maybe next year*

A enormous boat type thing, bigger than any air, land or sea craft ever built, actually more of a series of vast interconnected barges which fit together to form one whole seafaring structure, circles the seven seas in perpetuity, it has no choice….it MUST stay out on the ocean for the foreseeable future, it can NOT go near any recognizable land masses. And it CERTAINLY must not dock. Any person trying to disembark the Freedom Ship will be executed, and the Captain who docks her, will also be killed. The Freedom Ship prides itself on being totally self-contained, self-sustainable and Free!

The Freedom Ship is roughly 7.3 kilometres long, 830 metres high and powered by a combination of immense solar engines and top-secret engines manufactured by SCIENCE.corp which are tended to and maintained by a specially trained group of scientists and engineers. There are again, roughly, 20,095 people aboard Freedom. They are the best and brightest, and wealthiest. Scientists, Politicians, Rock-Stars, World leaders, great thinkers, world-class athletes and any general celebrity who has more than 5 million followers on the internet. To say that it’s a little bit pricey to get access to board Freedom would be the biggest understatement you could imagine. Once you pay your fee to board Freedom, you can not get off, ever, you’re there for life. You are given lush living quarters and the general freedom to roam the Freedom. You must help out with general duties aboard the Freedom from time to time, like a worker bee, but it’s no big deal. What a person does when they buy their membership to live on the Freedom Ship, is to agree to a contract, an agreement, to become a valuable member of the greatest, and most necessary social experiment in human history!

The ship manages to stay self-sufficient due to 1. it’s enormous size and near inexhaustible storage chambers, and 2. the runways on the top, top deck which accommodates aircraft that supply more supplies once every couple of years. Nobody on board knows where the planes come from, theories circulate, but speculation is swept under the rug by the ruling class on board the Freedom. For the people on board, life is as good as it could possibly be, they’re all happy, they’re living the life of the carefree fisherman all day long, every day. No bills to pay, no worries!

More about the Freedom Ship to come…….



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