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10:30 I’ve had, late at night, unwisely, a strong cup of coffee,

my head is buzzing and my fingers are a blur,

can’t keep my mind on anything for long,

I’m having wild ideas, like coating an apple in toffee!

10:44 Caffeine is now my drug of choice,

intake is spasmodic in between hits of nicotine,

smoking, sipping, life is but a dream,

Hazy complacency replaces idealistic noise!

Midnight Coffee is thought to have begun the Enlightenment,

all I can say to that is “Fuck yeah, damn right!”

Heart is racing, eyes are wide open,

fingers are a tapping, I’ve got itchy ear-lobes.

01:34 For sure, I will not sleep well tonight, or tomorrow morning,

I’ll be up and ready to rock at 4am, my life aint boring.

A biscuit or two is tickling my fancy,

Buzzing so hard I contemplate break-dancing!

Quarter to 3 World War Z is on the TV,

Patrice O’Neal is in my ear-buds,

life is quite good at the moment,

be shame if something was to ruin it!

03:31 Oh there we go, ruined it has become,

my caffeine trip is tapering off, zombie phase has begun,

I’ll see you all tomorrow night, okay?

Unless zombie phase is permanent and I long for BRAINS!!!!



2 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Holy shit this was some trip, sucks that zombie phase started. I will send you good old and strong Spanish coffee….and do it for free(which is strange coming from me). Had laugh again mr. Sarcastic. So hopefully with my coffee you´ll keep your crazy rambling on, which I´m actually starting to get jealous……

    Posted by charlypriest | December 4, 2014, 2:45 pm

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