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Recklessness And The World Of The Litterer and Playboy

I know a man, a reckless man with qualms not a one,

He throws litter out his car window,

he drives like a maniac down the road,

but he’s a clever, funny guy, not a brutish dum dum.

His life is a mystery to me,

he has a full-time job that keeps him busy,

money, for him, is not an issue,

he’ll blow his nose with a sock for a tissue.

His reckless abandon is something I cannot comprehend,

I’m a reserved, quiet man, some would say, a “dead-end”.

If only I could break loose, cut free, act crazy,

If I could run naked through a tricky hedge maze!

One day I might have an exciting life,

but for now, I’ll sit here, without.

My New Year’s Resolution is to do something fun and insane,

maybe I’ll punch a Nun in the face!



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