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A small form lunges through an open window and stands royally and majestically on the lamp shade. A man on a bed, made seemingly of twigs and ferns, scratches his head, adjusts his neck, then like a man with a 12 bottle hangover, lurches himself into a semi-upright position on a bed made of nature’s materials that surely cannot be comfortable. The room, still quite dark and unlit, in the man’s eyes was still somewhat spinning. He notices the small shadowy form….could it be a bird, a reptile, a monster, a mammal? With feverish but lazy paranoia, he picks himself up with Herculean effort. He walks, or stumbles towards the lampshade being, while holding himself up on pieces of furniture along the way, he had a big night the night before, and was shaking a lot. The man gets closer, he eventually flicks on the lamp. The light is too bright for his poor, sad eyes, he winces and looks away for a few moments. When he looks back, with one hand covering one eye, too shield from the brightness and also to cease the room spinning, the mysterious creature is not there. He has his doubts about the existence of the creature, he chalks it up to an over-active imagination. He’s awake now, so the day has begun. He goes about his usual routine, or so he thinks.

As the sun rises, and the room fills with light, the man is struck by something frightening. Frightening, annoying, but not uncommon for this man. He found himself in a house, a dwelling or a flat that he was not familiar with at all. One wonders how he managed to stumble and shuffle his way over to the lamp. Again, not uncommon for this man, he did indeed have a problem with the booze.

Part 2 soon.



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