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Where? Part 2 (came a lot sooner than I thought)

The man, who for now we shall call, “The man”, traipses through this house he’s found himself in. Nothing is familiar, there are pictures of demons and vampires and other spooky things on the walls. The kitchen is completely without food, the bedrooms completely without clothes or any other type of material. One room he finds is painted red and black, and there is a odd looking symbol adorned on the main wall. This symbol cannot be put into words by the man, but he finds it makes him feel a mixture of pure dread and even purer curiosity.

Having finally had enough of this awful house, the man eventually finds what he imagines is the front door. He opens it, it is not locked in any way. The door swings open, the wrong way. And the view he sees is one of cataclysmic elation and joy. It’s the street he lives on, he recognizes everything. The red Camaro parked across the street, the chalk drawings on the road surface, everything!

But what was this creepy house? It wasn’t his house, even though it’s on the same block of land as his old house. Very confused, yet gradually becoming more happy and more secure, he ventures over to his neighbour’s house, nextdoor. He knows this neighbour very well, and quite often talks to him over the fence and occassionally person to person. Walking up the driveway, he hears extremely odd noises coming from his neighbour’s garage, noises he’d never heard from this house before. Perplexed, but confident, he knocks on the door. Nothing. He knocks again, louder. Nothing again. He knocks on the windows then the door then the windows again. Nothing. He then knocks on the garage door, big metal clanging knocks that could not be not heard. The odd noises stop immediately, and the garage door slowly begins to pull upwards. The garage door then stops, jams, about halfway up. The man crouches and goes right in without any qualms.

The man enters the garage. He sees himself. Literally. It is as if a huge mirror is adorned on the back wall of the garage. He sees an exact facsimile of himself, and his background – the houses on the opposite side of the street. There are no doors in the garage leading into the house, no cars, tools, furniture, fridges…anything! Just himself!

Not knowing what on Earth was going on, the man freaked out just slightly. He ran across the street to knock on the door of a house he’d never been into, nor spoken to its inhabitants. Knock, knock knock. He knocked. The door opened quite quickly, and an elderly couple answered the door. This elderly couple never met this man, but they could see that the man was in a great deal of distress. They invited him in for a lie down and a nice cup of tea. These people seemed perfectly nice. They told the man to relax and they’d get him a nice cup of tea, good for relaxing, they said.

The cup of tea was placed on the man’s lap. He thanked them and took a somewhat hesitant sip of the nice, relaxing tea. He complimented the elderly couple on the beautiful taste of the tea, but he felt himself slipping out of consciousness. He fought this feeling desperately and tried to stay awake, but he couldn’t fight for too long, he passed out into pure blackness. He was unconscious.

Part 3 coming soon.



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