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Insectivorous Energy!

Just now, a small fly or possibly a midge has just crash-landed into my cup of extremely strong espresso coffee.

I thought I heard a piercing, shrill noise that only a dog could hear, say, “Mayday, mayday, we’ve got to emergency land in this round vessel on the computer desk!”! 

This midge, fly, or other tiny little beast has now been entwined within the caffeine, the stimulant, the buzz of the strong espresso coffee long enough to be totally and utterly fucked up in the head – in the good, stimulating way, not the bad depressing alcohol or opiate way.

This small creature has developed the skill of language, and dare I say, has mastered the English language better than most humans have managed to in their entire lives!

This little thing says to me, “What are you doing, mate”? This little thing is obviously Australian, I reckoned!

I replied, “Not much, mate. Just writing some stuff on the internets”!

I waited and waited for a reply, but the small beast was dead, he had drowned in the strong coffee I had made!

And (in the words of a “great” Australian, Ned Kelly,……..”such is insect life”)

Bi bi.



11 thoughts on “Insectivorous Energy!

  1. Did you still drink the coffee?
    Did you also drink down the insect?
    Bear Grills would have, I can tell you that much.

    Posted by henrygame | November 8, 2014, 4:08 pm
  2. Tell me where you take your coffe, can´t be a boring place

    Posted by charlypriest | November 9, 2014, 12:32 pm

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