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Feet + Ball = Fun Times!

Roses are red,

So is Liverpool,

Violets are blue,

So is Chelsea,

I don’t know how this poem ends,

All I know is that Liverpool is playing Chelsea tomorrow,

That’s all that matters!

Last season, Liverpool were playing like demonically possessed superheroes! They scored a whole bag full of goals, they had the best striker in the world, Luis Suarez (great player, but he tends to bite other players when he’s annoyed with them, honestly). But they had a pretty dreadful defense. They came SOOO close to winning the Premier League, they finished second. The reason they didn’t win the league? Simple. As far as I know, no truly great team in the world, your Manchester United’s, your Barcelona’s and your AC Milan’s have ever won anything, or a whole string of trophies, with a weak, leaky defense. The old saying, “Attack wins you games, but defense wins you trophies” so far, has turned out to be completely true. Why have Italy won 5 World Cups? Because they’ve always had the best, most solid defense in world football.

Liverpool could have been the first team in history to win the Premier League with a shocking bad defense. This would have set a precedent, probably. The art of defending in recent years has drastically declined. This is evident from the number of goals that are being scored on average, a lot more than 10 years ago, and it’s also evident from simply watching teams defend. Most teams seem to not know how to defend anymore, except for certain teams like Chelsea F.C., Barcelona, Juventus and a very few others.

Tomorrow, the best defense in English football (Chelsea) goes up against a Liverpool that is a mere shadow of what it was last season. I’m not a Liverpool fan, and CERTAINLY not a Chelsea fan, but I’d really rather prefer to see Liverpool win, although I cannot see it happening. As a former defender, I love to watch Chelsea play football. John Terry is possibly getting even better with age, and Gary Cahill is as solid as the rock of Gibraltar. And both the Chelsea fullbacks can defend as well as any fullback on Earth! But I hate Chelsea with a furious passion, they bought their success in 2004 when a Russian billionaire bought the club and then bought a lot of the best players in the world, and I hate to see that.

People have been saying that Chelsea could possibly go the whole season without being beaten, dubbing them the new “Invincibles”. I hope some lowly team like Sunderland or Burnley beats them very badly!

Last season, Liverpool were by far the most exciting team to watch. It’s hard to believe that the reason they’re playing so shit this season is because they sold just one player (Luis Suarez), but it’s true. My instinct, if I was Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool’s coach), would be to try to mold Raheem Sterling into a striker – he’s got the speed and skill, all he needs to do is improve his goal scoring and finishing skills. I’ve tried emailing Brendan about this, but so far he’s not responded. *sad face*

I predict the final score to be, Chelsea 4 – Liverpool 1

Ouch, I said it!




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